Lake Raystown Triathlon Swim Course Summary

Course Summary: Sprint Swimmers will do a back course. Olympic participants will swim in a triangle, Half participants will swim in a larger triangle. The triathlon is in May, in Pennsylvania….the water will not be warm. By having proper equipment to swim in you will have no problem. You can test the waters at check in on Saturday- the average temperature around 65 degrees according to the Army Corp of Engineers. At the first year of the event the temperature was 58 degrees- we had no problems. Wetsuits are allowed, neoprene booties and gloves are allowed, insulated head caps are allowed- wear whatever is going to make you comfortable as long as it isn’t your fins or pull buoy :)

Lake Raystown Triathlon Bike Course Summary

Course Summary: The first 4 miles are a general trend of climbing you start at 800 feet, and end up at 1300 feet by the end of that first 4 mile stretch. Then, the course rolls onward until a little after mile 11.  At this point, you climb from a little over 1,100 feet to a little over 1,600 feet by mile 14. This is the one giant hill in the course- you can do it!  What goes up must go down, and down you shall go the next 10 miles. Up to this point you have been on the straight line on the map now you turn left on to the “lollipop” portion of the course you can see on the  map. The general trend is down, but there’s still some rollers to climb, and to shift into, so be prepared and practicing shifting ahead and anticipating the hills. If you know how to properly shift your  bike these rollers will be fun and take you all the way back to where you came back out on the lollipop.Unfortunately what goes down must go back up. At this point you’re about halfway through the bike and it’s time to climb that big hill we mentioned earlier again. Put your head down and crush it- now you get the long run downhill again- wheeee! Now it’s finally time to head back at this point it’s everything you did earlier backwards where you get to go up everything you went down and vice versa. Your legs will feel like bags of bricks when you get back, you’ll pull yourself together and hit the run!

Elevation: This is bike course in both fun and challenging it offers around 5,000 feet of elevation gain  through beautiful farmland.

  • (3) Aid Stations will include water, gatorade and gels. Aid will be at the Resort Entrance, Olympic Turn and out on the Half Lollipop.

Lake Raystown Triathlon Run Course Summary

Course Summary: The course will start with a loop at Lake Raystown resort that is approximately 1 mile once you have completed this loop you will go out on the course to run an out and back course.

If you are participating in the Olympic or Sprint you will not have to do the prologue lap the course is simply a straight out and back.

Elevation: This run course is relatively flat  with around 1,000 feet of elevation as you run past the lake.

Aid Location approximate every 1.5 mile on the run.

  • Stations will include water, Gatorade, solid foods.