Be a part of the 2015 LRT Triathlon Volunteer Team!

Positions Available: Find more detailed descriptions of positions below.

  •  Friday, May 13th – Course Set Up
  • Saturday, May 14th – Check In & Set Up
  • Sunday, May 15th – Race Day

No experience necessary! Community hours available for students! Every volunteer receives a race shirt! Plus it’s a great way to benefit your community!!

Volunteer Team Captains Wanted!

Want more responsibility? Become a Volunteer Team Captain. VTCs will have a significant amount of responsibility. Prior to race weekend, all VTCs will be required to attend a site visit with race management to review the specifics of the job. Depending on the position, VTCs may be required to attend a pre-race staff meeting Friday. VTCs will be in charge of communicating with volunteers leading up to the race and will be their direct contact race weekend. They will be expected to manage a particular area and organize their volunteer groups. All VTC’s will receive a free entry into the event in 2017 which they may transfer to a friend or family member or use themselves along with a $100 gift certificate for Flat Tire Co.


Lake Raystown Triathlon Volunteer Jobs


11:00pm to 7:oopm:

Registration & Check In:  help our staff to distribute pre-stuffed race bags, numbers, fill out waivers, etc. 

SUNDAY MAY 17, 2014

6:30am- 7:30am:

Body Marking(6 Volunteers): write participants race number on their bodies race day morning.

Transition Direction (2 Volunteers): assist racers as they get off the swim to go in the right direction.

8:00am- 12:00pm:

Bike Course Aid Station Volunteers & Directional Volunteers- 25-30 people wanted

Resort Volunteer(2 Volunteers): Description: direct bikers in and out of transition area.

Point 1/Aid Station 1 – (2 Volunteers):  Description: Entrance of Lake Raystown Resort. Volunteers will need to be here for the entire event. Bikers will go to your right out of the resort; runners will go to your left out of the resort.

Point 2 – (2 Volunteer):  Description: Grange Hall Road, left off of 994 approximately 2.5 miles from the resort. You will be directing bikers down and out of Grange Hall Road. You will be the bikers first turn at the beginning and the last thing they see before heading back to the volunteers at the resort entrance.  After the last 70.3 Biker passes (orange bib) you, you may leave.

Point 3/Sprint Turn Around -(2Volunteer): Description: Sprint turn around 7.5  miles in the course, your job is to let no one with a white bib past you on the bike, it is time for them to turn around and head back. You may head back to the resort once the last sprint biker turns around at you.

Point 4– (2 People): Description: This station is around the 9/10 mile mark. There will be a SHARP blind curve you will be stationed at by a large Yellow Arrow. Please encourage bikers as they approach you to slow down and watch for cars coming both ways. We will put CAUTION SLOW RACE IN PROGRESS signs at the top of the hill and bottom of the descent.  After the last 70.3 (orange bib) biker passes you, you may leave.

Point 5– (2 Volunteer): Description: Hill Top in the middle of Farm Land- Furnace Road/ Cassville Road, you will be directing bikers on and off of Cassville Road. You may leave after the last 70.3 Biker (orange bib) passes you.

Point 6/ Olympic Turn Around/Aid Station – (4 Volunteers): You will be the second aid station on the course. You will be in charge of making sure everyone with a Yellow Bib turns around here, PLEASE do not let any Olympic participants pass this point. All Orange Bib participants will continue on these are the 70.3 participants. You will stay here until they come back around to you. Once you have seen the last 70.3 participant you may go back to the resort.

Point 7/Aid Station- (2 Volunteers) – Description: Bottom of huge hill, you are the directors for the 70.3 as they go out on their extension loop. You will need to stay here until every biker comes off the loop and goes to climb back up the hill. Bikers will go to your left and you will see them again on your right as they come back round the loop. 

Point 8- (2 Volunteers) Description: Bowman’s Chapel on left/Dirt Mountain Road Intersection. Pull off in gravel on right hand side of road by church. Once all 70.3 bikers have passed you please head back to the resort.

Point 9 – (2  Volunteer) Description: Smith Valley Road/SR 3049 intersection. Your job will be to ensure participants continue to their right and not go on SR3049. Once the last 70.3 biker is done please head back to the resort.

Point 10/Aid Station (2 Volunteer’s)- Description: You will be at the River Road/ Smith Valley Road intersection- Mapleton Union Elementary School will be to your left. You will direct participants to continue onto Hares Valley Road by following the arrows. Once all participants have passed please head back to the resort.

Point 11/Aid Station– (2 Volunteer) – Description: You will be stationed in the parking lot at Ron’s Auto on Hares Valley Road, it looks abandoned. You will be in charge of making sure 70.3 bikers make the right past Ron’s Auto and head back to Point 7. Once all 70.3 participants have passed you, you may head back to the resort.


Run Course Aid Station Volunteers & Directional Volunteers- 

Resort Volunteer(4 Volunteers): Description: direct runners in and out of transition area in the corret direciton for their designated course

Point A/Aid Station 1– (2 Volunteers):  Description: Same individuals as Point 1/Aid Station 1 Run course. Volunteers will need to be here for the entire event. Bikers will go to your right out of the resort; runners will go to your left out of the resort…you’ve been sitting here all day and have to sit here till every single runner goes past you in and out with yellow and orange bibs.

Point B/Olympic Turn Around/Aid Station– (2 Volunteers): Description: 3.1 mile drive out of resort from TA, make left out of resort look for road markings. 

Point D/Aid Station 2– (2 Volunteers): 6.2 mile drive out of resort. Make left onto 944  from resort then make a left on  Entriken Cemetry Road/T400 before you come to the intersection for Raystown Road/26. Stay at this intersection and make sure people make the left off of 944.

Point E– (2 Volunteers): Take Enriken Cemetry Road back to Deer Ridge Lane make sure participants make a left.

Point  F/Half Turn Around/Aid Station 3– (2 Volunteers): Take Enriken Cemetry Road to Deer Ridge Lane, drive back to where turn around point for run is marked. Insturct participants to turn back on run.